Renate Widmann was born in Friedrichshafen, by the lake of Konstanz (Germany), in 1953.

Studied for 5 years at the Academy of Fine Art in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 1974 to 1980, where Markus Lüpertz, Georg Baselitz and Emil Schumacher were teaching.
She must have left them with some good impression as she got a one year grant scholarship from the german government (DAAD) to the Royal College of Art in London (1982–83).
There she met artists like Francis Bacon, Christo, Alan Davis, David Hodgekin, A. R. Penk and, most important to her life, the sculptor Barry Flanagan, father of her two children.
Soon after her son Alfred was born they moved to Ibiza, where daughter Annabelle was born two years later.

«I loved to be a full time mother and modeling for Barry … My own artistic work was mainly based on sleeping, crawling and playing baby-children … I am proud of the beautiful results…»

Renate Widmann and Barry Flanagan

She’s been traveling to India, Africa, North and South America, which has had some inspirational impact on her work. At present she lives and works both in Berlin and Ibiza, her adopted home in the Mediterranean.

The late sculptor with Renate Widmann
Renate's bust by Barry Flanagan